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Dr Rick Palazzo and his multi disciplinary approach offers non-invasive total spine care treatments, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, as well as Medical Pain Management Services. To get the results you're looking for, Advanced Performance Chiropractic & Rehab utilizes Advanced non-invasive diagnostic techniques such as NCV, UltraSound and Functional Evaluation Tests to target the precise source of your pain, so that your treatment plan will be successful. At Advanced Performance we specialize in natural methods to improve your health and lifestyle, our three main focuses are...

Reducing the Destructive Effects of Stress

The adrenal glands produce many hormones that help the body handle physical and emotional stress. Chronic stress can cause the hormones to damage the body and attribute to malfunctioning adrenal glands. Adrenal glands produce hormones that influence sleep, weight gain, digestion, estrogen, testosterone, allergies, heart function, and much more. We can check these glands and if they are malfunctioning we can provide you with a supervised program to improve adrenal function!

Reducing Chemical Toxicity

Another factor that contributes to health problems is the pollution in our water, food, and air. The average person comes into contact with approximately 82,000 chemicals a week, thats about 12,000 chemicals a day! To defend itself from these chemicals, the body surrounds them in fat which attributes to weight gain, fatigue, and can make the body more vulnerable to vast amount of other health issues. We provide our patients with a nutritional program to help rid your body of these chemicals resulting in improving your overall health.

Removing Undetected Neurological Damage

Trauma starts early in childhood with the first falls a child has and progresses throughout life. Falls, auto accidents, contact sports, or work injuries can all cause trauma. Although these injuries may not seem serious at first, they can  cause undetected nerve damage. Nerves control all functions in your body and when damaged can cause numerous health problems which is why it is important to have your body checked for undetected neurological damage.

Rapid Release Technology!

 Advanced Performance is one of the few places in New Jersey that offers treatment using the Rapid Release. Learn more about the Rapid Release and how it can help you by watching the video below or by visiting their website at!


Advanced Performance, Ramsey & Oradell locations also provide customized nutrition supplement recommendations that help support and strengthen the body's natural functions.

In addition Advanced Performance offers our Advanced Weight Loss Solution, TLS, which uses food plans, nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, education and coaching to give you all the tools you need for getting healthy and losing weight.

As we create Your Personalized Treatment Plan, we choose from this wide range of treatment options so we can find the right fit for YOU. 

Our Mission


We honor your goals , answer all your questions, explain all of our exam findings, offer you Choices, encourage your participation to get you well faster, offer you clinical Excellence, with the latest, safe and natural care, and Most of all.....provide "HOPE"
Because with Revived health....
Everything is Possible!

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