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Weight Management

TLS. Transitions Lifestyle Solution for your weight management at Advanced Performance

Our Certified Coaches will help you achieve your optimal weight with a customizable program that suits your lifestyle.

How it Works

Other programs tell you what they think works; With TLS, it's all about what works for you. TLS is about education and implementation, not limitation. The only limits in TLS are those you put on yourself. Anything is possible when you Live the Lifestyle.

TLS Weight Management Solution encompasses low-glycemic impact eating, behavior modification and body composition, offering an extensive plan that covers everything you'll need to get fit and trim, not just a set of foods you can and cannot eat. In fact, a big part of TLS is helping you make healthy choices while still eating a normal, diverse diet.

TLS Coaches teach you about low-GI impact eating and how to identify new favorite foods, creating new, healthy behaviors, and improving body composition to get your metabolism operating in high gear.So it's time to get off the diet roller coaster, and time to start Living the Lifestyle.

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 When it comes to your health, the answers are in your genes. Now, you have the tool that gives you those answers. Now, you have the Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis Program.

Your DNA tells a story. With the Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis, you can gain insight into your genetics and how they impact your health. You may simply want to know what role your genes play in digestive health, how well your body copes with the stress of physical activity; how environmental factors affect your body, and uncover how your genetics and lifestyle impact your health.

Gene SNP delivers answers exclusively tailored to you, your body and your lifestyle. You have the tool; use it. No more guesswork; get the facts – Gene SNP DNA Analysis.

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Gene SNP DNA Analysis


Our patients at Advanced Performance deserve the best nutritional supplements to meet their health needs. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with low-quality and ineffective supplements and weight management diets. That's where nutraMetrix comes in.

The nutraMetrix line of advanced nutraceuticals that Dr. Rick of Advanced Performance has decided to recommend to his patients are formulated using the latest research, cutting-edge ingredients and industry-leading best practices.

Many nutraMetrix nutraceuticals are available using the Isotonic delivery system - the scientifically-proven most effective way for nutrients to be absorbed and utilized by the body, providing maximum results.

The science behind nutraMetrix advanced nutraceuticals ensures that the patients at Advanced Performance receive the most effective products on the market today.

And now can utilize the latest cutting edge technology to determine what supplements you really need!



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